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Automic Learning (Pty) Ltd is a registered business and provider of on-line training, also known as electronic learning (E Learning). Our key focus is on providing an interactive learning experience through the use of Personal Computers and Tablets. We specialize in the development of skills for the optimization of sales, soft and computer skills. Automic learning (Pty) Ltd is an authorized Certiport Testing Centre. Learning has never been easier, learners are provided with a unique profile to access learning material, from all locations.


Provide quality training and on-line support for your employees, at a low cost. Improve employee productivity and reduce employee turnover, these are some of the benefits of doing short courses. Employees no longer have to leave their responsibilities to attend courses. This saves you time and money. Business can enrol their employees on specified modules. Learners also have an option of writing Microsoft exams online at our Certiport Testing Centre, and will receive authentic certification.


Complete learning and assessments at work or the comfort of your home. Upgrade your skills for work and personal life. There are a number of great courses to choose from. Enrich your life through lifelong learning. Choose from our Microsoft Courses and receive authentic certification online.


Why choose us?

We provide courses at affordable prices

Learning is now affordable, chose from our soft skills courses from as little as R400. If you are looking to upgrade or learn Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point select from the beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. We are committed to providing you with the most affordable learning

We provide a variety of courses

Choose from our many courses to boost your career and profile. We offer courses to improve soft skills and practical skills in the workplace and personal life. Our sales training is focused and aims to improve efficiency of your sales force. Choose from our many Microsoft Office Courses to improve your ability to analyse and display data. After completion our courses you will receive authentic Microsoft Certification either for attendance or competence. Automic Learning is an authorized Certiport testing centre.

We have world class professional tutors

If you think you will be left alone during your learning journey, think again! Support will be provided daily from you online Tutor. Whether you are experiencing technical difficulties or course queries, you may contact your tutor at info@automiclearning.co.za.

Best Learning Management System

Our learning management system was designed to ensure learners receive the most valuable learning experience. Learners have their own unique profiles and may view courses completed as and when they need. Courses are conducted online, are interactive and user friendly. Automic’s learning management system is user friendly and online manuals are provided to provide support for learning.

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office

E Learning is a new way of learning. Online learning has many advantages for business and individuals. Businesses can now afford to train their employees on courses without losing out on productivity. Courses can now be done over a longer period, so employers can train without losing their productive employees. Professionals can now do distance learning courses on their laptops and tablets. Online learning is a very convenient way of learning, it does not involve a lot of technicality, yet you will receive great value.

Reduction of the carbon footprint

Automic Learning (Pty) Ltd is committed to sustainability, as an electronic learning provider our training is paperless. Certification is online and emailed to learners on completion of courses. Our Learning Management System allows for paper less orders and electronic payments.

Flexible course lessons

Enjoy the flexibility of doing courses over a longer period, without having to compromise on work and family time. Flexible course lessons is one of the highlights of E Learning. Companies can train employees over a longer period and still receive the same results.

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